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These documents have been written in 1998-99 for friends and colleagues planning to visit CERN, or looking for information about projects there.

They were written long before theavailability of CERN-Public pages, which may now supply the same or better information.

Things have changed since: the LEP accelerator has been dismantled, and so have the LEP experiments. Refer to the official information when needed. More and more links within CERN Webpages are broken, and not much can be done about it.


Accelerators, Particles and Experiments (18 pg) + Figures. On the purpose and methods of High-Energy Physics Research. Somewhat abstract and  conceptual. Read before sleeping!

Also: the periodic system of Elementary Particles
Neutrino's Research. Experiments with neutrinos beams from accelerators.

Some Experiments

The CMS experiment: one of the largest for the future LHC accelerator (year 2005).
CMS Technical Description - Figures. See if needed the official site.

Alice "A Large Ion Collider Experiment" at the LHC. A Bridgeview application has been developed for a subset of the detector.

Asacusa (Atomic Spectroscopy using very-very-slow anti-protons, 3pg).

Athena (Apparatus for High precision Experiments on Neutral Atoms, 3pg). Figures.

The LHC String (3 pg). A “string” consisting of two LHC magnets and  a  quadrupole - i.e. half of an LHC magnetic “cell” - has been built for a series of tests. Figure.


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