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I have read, and read again, Lucio Russo's book "La Rivoluzione Dimenticata" (Ed. Feltrinelli); it is instructing and amusing.

Tu understand it, however, I had to improve my knowledge of ancient history, in general, and of the many persons that he mentions, in particular.

These data are interesting as such, and allow to follow L. Russo's demonstrations of his "theorems" on the origin of our scientific knowledge. I have gathered a few notes; in alphabetic order:

The Antikythera gearbox; a few corroded parts which changed our view of hellenistic technology, and are the subject of university seminars!
Pictures.htm, images and links to the original papers.


Samples of greek art through the centuries.


A graphic of the level of of scientific studies during and after hellenism.
degli studi scientifici durante l'ellenismo e dopo.
A general chronology
Rome : a short story and its Mediterranean expansion
Mathematicians (chronol.)
Historians and Writers (chronol.)
Loose chronologies .


Greek Culture: : Astronomy, Hellenism, Philosophy, Physics, Geography, Books, Navy, Mathematics, Medecine, Navigation, Science, History, Greek Pottery, Measuring Units.
The Mediterranean, ancient Greece, Alexandria.
Some of the 7 wonders of ancient world, and a site about them.


Eratosthenes the surveyor of the world.
Ancient charts .

Historical Maps

An excellent and inexpensive book of ancient maps is: The Penguin Atlas of Ancient Greece; also available in french, (Atlas de la Grèce Antique, Èd. Autrement).
For immediate use, I have gathered here a few maps.


TheI Greek mathematicians from 600 b.C. al 500 a.D. ( chronology)
Short notes on:
Ancient mathematics
Greek astronomy
The arabs
Pi and the circle measure
Leonardo Pisano, also named fi'Bonacci

The History site of the St Andrews university lists the byographies of hundreds of mathematicians. Incidentally:

  •    the TimelineA shows that all the mathematicians until 400 AD are ...greeks, and
  •    the TimelineB  shows that almost all mathematicians between 500 AD and 1300 AD were... arab.

Persons and scientists (300 a.C - 500 d.C. ca)

All, or almost all, the persons quoted in L. Russo's book.
And a short version of the same list

By branches (most significant persons) :


Sources are over-abundant. For those with little time to invest, I have enclosed some summaries (Ital., printable).    

The Greek Trireme

A modern reconstruction and trials of the ship who helped to preserve our western culture.
Some Pictures of the project, with a nice side-view of the sailing ship..


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